BCM206 Week 2 – From Telegraph to Cyberspace

After 1837 communication became a lot easier in particular communication with people in other countries thanks to the invention of the first commercial electric telegraph. This advance in technology was the beginning of technology as we know it today. Back in 1858 after the successful placement of the first trans-Atlantic cable it took 1 minute … Continue reading BCM206 Week 2 – From Telegraph to Cyberspace


BCM325 Twitter Contribution

For 7 weeks I took part in live-tweeting throughout a movie during seminars. Doing this created an opportunity for the class to communicate online and share our thoughts using the hashtag #BCM325. This blog post will be a curation of my tweets and will discuss my experience with live-tweeting and what I gained through the process. … Continue reading BCM325 Twitter Contribution

Digital Storytelling Post 4 – Conclusion

in conclusion, my research - discussed in my previous post – brought back some very mixed responses to my original question of if how television audiences use social media during and after watching television shows hinders or enhances the watching experience as a whole. Although mixed, the main results discovered were this: it became apparent … Continue reading Digital Storytelling Post 4 – Conclusion

Digital Storytelling Post 2 – What Have Other People Said?

In my last post I briefly touched on the rise in audience participation while watching television. This increase in audience participation has led to television creatives in the television industry to believe that the traditional television is in danger of becoming the second screen to other devices including IPhones, other smartphones, IPads and tablets, laptops etc. … Continue reading Digital Storytelling Post 2 – What Have Other People Said?