BCM206 Week 4 – Liquid Labour

Technology is everywhere, we now live in a world where we have technology to help even turn on and off our lights in our houses. Back before all this labour was industrial labour including factory machines and assembly lines, now labour is liquid labour and is information machines and information processing. Todays workforce is largely … Continue reading BCM206 Week 4 – Liquid Labour


BCM206 Week 3 – Understanding the Network Society Paradigm

In the beginning before MacBook's and Alexa was the mainframe, computers were used as highly centralised data processing units, information needed to bypass a central point before that information was sent back out to be processed and now we use our computers for everything from watching Netflix to facetiming with friends or family overseas without … Continue reading BCM206 Week 3 – Understanding the Network Society Paradigm

BCM206 Week 2 – From Telegraph to Cyberspace

After 1837 communication became a lot easier in particular communication with people in other countries thanks to the invention of the first commercial electric telegraph. This advance in technology was the beginning of technology as we know it today. Back in 1858 after the successful placement of the first trans-Atlantic cable it took 1 minute … Continue reading BCM206 Week 2 – From Telegraph to Cyberspace

Digital Storytelling Post 4 – Conclusion

in conclusion, my research - discussed in my previous post – brought back some very mixed responses to my original question of if how television audiences use social media during and after watching television shows hinders or enhances the watching experience as a whole. Although mixed, the main results discovered were this: it became apparent … Continue reading Digital Storytelling Post 4 – Conclusion