Just a little introductory post to tell everyone a little bit about myself! My name is Kaysha Larkin, I’m 18 years old, fresh out of high school and just starting my first year of university studying a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies.

After a four month break consisting of nothing but sleeping into 12pm, binge watching what I realise now was way to many television shows and spending all most of my savings you can imagine that getting back into the habit of early wake ups and study was not something I was appreciating at 7am on Monday morning. 

Although I was stressing for two days beforehand about being a proper out in the world adult, compared to a number of my friends being told about 2000 word essays and telling me on the first day they were already behind on homework(I’m thinking that was an exaggeration), my first week was like a walk in the park I found a carpark first go on Monday morning, I was told to start blogging and tweeting as part of my BCM course (cause somehow this counts as homework), surprisingly I managed to only get lost once and of course as promised by the LHA staff the week before it was in building 19 and I managed to get a three day week meaning I get a four day weekend to top it all off!

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