The Medium is The Message 

Marshall McLuhan defines ‘the medium is the message’ as a ‘message’ being a change of scale, pace or pattern that a new invention, innovation or idea introduces into human affairs and a ‘medium’ being any extension of ourselves, such as a wheel is an extension of our feet. 

This concept of ‘the medium is the message took me a  few days to fully understand and because of this it took me almost an entire week to write this blog post. After doing some research and stressing that I would never understand, I came up with what I think ‘the medium is the message’ means: it isn’t the medium but the way we perceive the medium that provides us with the message.

According to my two younger brothers whom are part of the new generation of iPad playing, Blu-Ray watching children, who know nothing of what was before all these crazy new technologies, back in ‘the olden days’ (the 90’s) watching things on videos instead of DVDs or having to visit a video store instead of watching a movie online is an absurd thought. 

An example of this ‘the medium is the message’ concept would be the change in society moving from watching television/movies solely on their TV’s to their computers and other various devices. The medium of this would be the technology advances and then the message would become the effect the change of medium has on the society whom uses it. Personally I am a part of this change, all the television I watch is on my computer, I rarely use the television at all. Nowadays you can jump onto iTunes download a movie and be watching it in 10 minutes or I can watch tv on a long train ride on my iPad, there’s no waiting around.  

Although I do not fully understand this concept to an extent where I could write a book, I do think that these advances in ‘messages’ because of a changing ‘medium’ will continue to have a ripple effect and who knows where technology will be in 10 years!



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