I’m a Criminal…

Photo made by me on Imgur

Did you know that in Australia it is technically illegal to create and share memes?

In the latest information I could find from 2014, under Australia’s Copyright Act specifically section 132A part 2, it states “distributing an infringing article that prejudicially affects the copyright owner” is against the law and could land you in jail for up to 5 years or with a fine of $93,500 although both of these things are extremely unlikely (unless you are bad luck Brian)

Images posted on Reddit, sharing any videos on YouTube, pictures on Facebook and unfortunately memes are all subject to this law even though they don’t make any money or otherwise take profits away from the owner.

Although this law is rarely enforced, this means that I am a criminal and odds are you are too! The Australian Digital Alliance is fighting to get these outdated laws but so far they’ve had no luck.
This is my imgur meme post. 


One thought on “I’m a Criminal…

  1. I really enjoyed this post. The first couple of sentences was so engaging and really invited me to read on. The memes are very creative and hilarious, I actually laughed pretty hard at them. This post was short, sweet, and you got your message across, simply and effectively! Well done!


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