The Great Debate

Our mobiles are becoming a bigger part of our lives everyday, there always with us, we panic if we can’t find them and having personally experienced this like everyone else, its not the best feeling in the world. It’s almost embarrassing for me to admit just how important my phone is to me. Put it this way if I was running for my life from a burning building, there’s a chance I might just stop and grab my phone beforehand… So when it comes to the great Apple or Android debate which is really better?

Some put forward the argument that Android is better than Apple because of the open and free platform it has. The user has full control of the content on their phone, you can modify your phone and Android offers an open garden of apps. Whereas Apple has a walled garden of apps that are reviewed and tested before they are released, the way you buy the phone it the way it stays, you have access to apps on the App Store but ultimately Apple has compete control over platform, content and user.

I may be biased because all my devices are products of Apple but I much prefer Apple’s iPhones over an android phone. I’ve experienced both and I prefer Apple mostly because of its simplicity, their just so easy to use and that’s what I like. Everyone is going to have a different opinion depending on the things they plan on doing with their phone, so it looks like this debate will never be settled.


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