Empowerment, Access & Participation

This week I made a Prezi on monologic & dialogic media and how important dialogic conversation is for social media and the internet.

This is my Prezi post. 


One thought on “Empowerment, Access & Participation

  1. Great Prezi
    Your layout was clear and easy to follow. I think that you chose the most important aspects of this weeks topic to incorporate into your prezi.
    Your overall approach to explaining this weeks topic was clear, concise and easy to understand. It gave a good general overview.
    However, I would recommend concluding the prezi with an overall review or reflection on the topic that illustrates the way in which media convergence has challenged the way in which we consume, share and produce content. It would also be beneficial to further discuss the implications of monologic and dialogic media (ie mediated vs participatory media).


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