Transmedia Narratives

Marvel’s Captain America is a perfect example of a Transmedia Narrative.

Captain America started off as a comic book in the 1940’s, it was then adapted into a cartoon in the 1960’s. In the 1970’s two live-action television movies aired and Captain America made many appearances in other cartoons such as Spider-man and also appeared in a 1980 public service announcement on energy conservation, in which he battled the Thermal Thief, the Wattage Waster and the Cold Air Crook.

There has been many Captain America movies made in 1944, 1990 and then the movies we all know Captain America: The First Avenger(2011) and its sequel Captain America and The Winter Solider(2014). Captain America also appears in both the Avengers movies.

Captain America has also been adapted into many video games the first being in 1987 and the newest game was released last year.

In the Youtube video I made, I choose one specific character partly because there’s so many Marvel characters I didn’t want to make a 15 minute long video and also because I absolutely adore Chris Evans.



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