Is Citizen Journalism a Threat?

If you don’t know what ‘citizen journalism’ is, pretty much it is anybody on the internet reporting on ideas or events.

Professional journalists and Legacy Media all see citizen journalists as angry and inadequate. As seen in this video below “Tips for Citizen Journalists”  the narrator clearly sees citizen journalists as the enemy. They place heavy emphasis on ‘real’ journalists being professional and not making the mistakes that citizen journalists make due to their training in proper journalistic practice.

One of the most popular places to see ‘citizen journalism’ is Tumblr. By now I imagine anyone reading this knows what Tumblr is and I’m sure your all aware just how unmediated it is in relation to other media platforms. That factor is the reason why it makes such a good ‘home base’ for many ‘citizen journalists’.

I personally use Tumblr and I have voiced my opinion on a number of occasions. I’ve also seen first hand the speed in which news travels around the site. From the coverage of controversial events such as the Boston Riots to celebrity news such as the day Zayn left 1D, you know about it within the hour sometimes within minutes once it occurs, its the people that break the story. Though occasionally information on the site is not 100% reliable which is a major concern for mainstream journalists.

In my opinion I think both types of journalism is needed. Citizen journalism gives a point of view that ‘real’ journalists may not be able to express without consequences and mainstream journalists have the credibility that their audience trust and rely.

So do you think citizen journalists are a threat to ‘real’ journalists?


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