Me-dia Space

When asked “where are you in your lives now?’ during this week’s lecture it really hit close to home for me. This has been a question on my mind for quite a while now. About to turn 20 in two weeks I have found myself having a, what I would only call a ‘quarter life crisis’ for no reason at all. But as I get closer to a new decade and having to officially accept that now I am an adult and I have to act like one, I realised the furthest I’ve been from home was the schoolies trip I went on 2 years ago instead of the European vacation I dreamed about, I worry about the little amount of money I have every time I check my bank account and pretty much if it was something I could think and worry about, I did, I over-thought about it until every possible outcome was thought about.

But in this current point in my life what have I experienced while being in a ‘media space’? Well for starters I am constantly on my phone, no matter how hard I try I can’t put it down. I’m addicted and when I’m not using it its always in my hand or always within 30cm of my person. When I wake up in the mornings it’s the social media rounds: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter. Five minutes later ill check again just in case something new has happened, even though it’s likely it hasn’t. Then I’ll go about my morning but no later than 30 minutes later I’m back checking my phone again. If I go longer than three hours without checking Facebook, I consider it to be a huge accomplishment for myself. For me, personally, doing this, every morning, afternoon, thirty minutes, whatever the time makes me feel connected me with the world, to my friends, to the celebrities I follow on Instagram.

Where ever I go during the day I’m always connected to the media space in one way or another. I’ll be on my computer while I’m at uni, on my phone while I’m walking to my next class or waiting for the bus back to the train station. The only time I can think of when I am truly disconnected from the media space is the 8 hours of sleep I get at night if I’m lucky. My degree requires me to blog, tweet and be a part of this media space constantly, although I don’t think that if I weren’t doing my degree I would be less involved in the media space as I am now. Perhaps we’ve all become to consumed in our media, only talking to each other via text or when our main form of communication become tagging our best friends in memes on Facebook. We are all constantly in a media space and we all have our own experiences.