The Internet, Changing our Lives

A few weeks ago we were asked to ask someone older than us; our mum, dad, grandparents, whoever and discuss with them what television was like for them when they were growing up. So for this weeks task I returned to my mother and bugged her to answer more of my questions this time, about what her households access to the internet was like.

She was unclear on the exact time that internet became a ‘thing’ when she was younger and my Mum is quite young  but to the best of her knowledge it was some time when she was in high school that dial up internet was first introduced into the world. Of course computers were around but internet, a way to get ‘online’, the world wide web, it was brand new and interesting and apparently just the coolest thing ever.

Sure the internet is pretty cool now, but for many of us internet has always been around. Yes, of course I still remember having dial up internet but my whole life I’ve always had that access to the internet and growing up with school assignments etc. Having the internet made it all that much easier to do these things. When I asked my Mum about this sort of thing when she was younger she said that that’s what the library was for. Instead of just Googling it, she used textbooks and searched the library for the right thing.

She also said she didn’t have the internet at home when she lived with her parents, it wasn’t until she moved out that she had the internet in her home. It just wasn’t something that they needed when she was living at home. When you compare that to what its like in homes now, the internet is in almost everything we do at home, of course we have WIFI now and instead of it taking several minutes to get online we can be online in seconds.

We use the internet to stream Netflix to our TV’s, the WIFI allows us to scroll through our Facebook Newsfeed at home without using all our data, our computers use the internet to do anything online or even back-up our computers to the cloud.

The internet has changed not only these things but even the way we consume television, that television space talked about a few weeks ago, its become a lot different because of the internet. It was not an immediate change but gradually over time it has changed the way we consume television. Even right now as I write this post I’m streaming Netflix to my television. I don’t very often watch television with my family in the way my mum would watch television with hers. Each member of my family has a seperate Netflix account and we watch what ever we want but never together. That kind of closeness that my mother felt to her family watching television is not something my family feels when we watch television together.

The internet has become a big part of our world, even 20 years ago let alone when my Mum was younger it was never as big of a part of her world as it is ours. It has all changed so much and is changing so many of our spaces in not only our households but just everywhere, it is well and truely changing our lives. For better or for worse? You’ll have to be the judge of that.


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