My Cinema Experience

So this week we got to go to the movies to write this post, the movies you guys. How is that homework?!

So for the second time, I went to see Suicide Squad with my boyfriend who was unsurprisingly more than happy to be dragged along. Overall it was a successful trip to the cinema, but that could have something to do with the fact that it was a Tuesday night and there was about 10 people in total in the entire cinema. But everyones idea of a successful or unsuccessful cinema trip is different.

I personally love going to the movies late on a weekday. It’s quite, theres no one chewing loudly behind me or asking stupid questions to the person next to them about the movie who has seen just as much of the movie as they have and do not know the answer, no one is kicking my seat and most importantly I don’t have to sit next to someone I don’t know for an hour and a half who’s arm is on my arm rest as well as their own.

But I also like the feeling of a full cinema, the excitement in the room to watch the movie, the chatter among movie goers before and after the film, that kind of movie experience whether it be a premiere at midnight or just one of the first days the movie is out its something everyone experiences and its never quite like any other movie experience.

To get to the cinema can sometimes be difficult, many things can get in our way and Hagerstrand identifies three categories of constraints, limiting an individual to perform any actions they want, thus influencing actions of people.

  1. Capability(can I get there): referring to the limitations on human movement due to natural causes. We are only capable to do what we can, managing space and time; thus those with cars and faster public services have a ‘spatial- temporal advantage’ over those who don’t. (Corbett, 2001).
  2. Coupling(can I get there at the right time?): refers to the need ‘to be in one particular place for a given length of time, often in interaction with other people’ (Corbet, 2001). Our schedules and path must link and plan with another’s in order to participate in a task.
  3. Authority(am I allowed to be there?): referring to the laws and rules that are set in place; restricting one from their actions.

For myself these three constraints came into play for my cinema visit. A capability constraint was could we get there in time, a coupling constraint would be did we have a way to get to the cinema and an authoritative constraint were we allowed to be in the cinema for example, was there an age limit on the film.

The cinema experience is something I don’t think is going to disappear anytime soon. So many people still love and enjoy going to the movies and having that experience, and no matter the price I think that its going to be an experience they pay for time and time again.


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