Preliminary Proposal for Ethnographic or Narrative Research Project

So as of right now I am not sure at all specifically what I want to do for my Research Project for BCM240. To be honest i hadn’t even properly thought about it until earlier this week, having been so preoccupied in other subjects assignments and trying to keep up with lectures and class work etc.

I know I would like to do something involving television as this kind of media is something I am quite interested in and perhaps my vast unnecessary knowledge of TV or TV shows from spending far too much time watching TV – whether it be binge watching or procrastinating doing things that are far more important – will come in handy for something and I can proudly tell my Mum all that TV watching wasn’t for nothing.

My project will have a particular focus on how the audience of a certain TV show or perhaps multiple TV show’s engage with said show and then how they engage with this media on other types of media such as social media including Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or personal blogs. I realise this might be a bit of a broad research topic and I will work over the next few weeks to rein it in and make it a more specific and simple topic to research.

I would like to know and learn more through this research about how the audience uses different social media after having consumed a certain show. For example, if they didn’t particularly like an episode do audience go online and voice their dislike for the episode or vice versa for an episode they see as good or even excellent.

I’m aware that certain television shows such as Game of Thrones and Pretty Little Liars all have an audience that are all very loud online. Although these two shows possibly have two very different audiences as the shows are VERY different, both shows share a common factor of how their audiences use their voices online. Audience’s of the show use the social media online to voice their opinions, discuss theories, vent, post fan art and all kinds of other similar things.

For my ethnographic research project on this topic I will observe those who voice opinions online, collect surveys and maybe even hold a focus group. All research conducted will be ethical and permission will be sought if needed from participants of any surveys or focus groups so that I can use the information I receive from participants in a final write up of my findings.

I have not decided yet if the final write up of my findings will be publicly posted online on this blog or if I will use a different format such as a video on YouTube or a Prezi in all cases again permission will be sought.

As I am still uncertain on all the details of my research project any suggestions or help would most certainly be welcome 🙂



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