Digital Storytelling Post 4 – Conclusion

in conclusion, my research – discussed in my previous post – brought back some very mixed responses to my original question of if how television audiences use social media during and after watching television shows hinders or enhances the watching experience as a whole.

Although mixed, the main results discovered were this: it became apparent that the major form of audience participation on social media regarding the watching of television was live-tweeting and blogging and that although it may be a good way to be involved in the show and its fans it also is a very large source of spoilers for shows for many people. The ages of those involved in these social media activities were those from the ‘technology generation’. All this was unsurprising to me as I’m sure it also may not be a surprise to many others. And all up this led to many people stating that overall the audience participation online can hinder but also enhance the television watching experience.

Many people may have their opinion on this subject but it doesn’t look like audience participation is going anywhere any time soon, it’s just going to grow and grow, bigger and bigger the more technology advances. If interested to find out more about this topic perhaps reading this may be some use to you as it discusses social media and audience participation in regards to television.

Maybe one day the thoughts we have while watching our favourite shows will go straight from our minds onto our social media, cutting out the distraction of focusing on another device as well as our shows and spoilers will become a thing of the past, solving everybody’s worries of audience participation on social media while watching television and the medium can thrive and enhance the television watching experience rather than hinder.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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