I’m SO Sick of Hashtags…

In 2006 tweeting was something only birds did. Since then more than 500 million people have created an account, this includes all your favourite celebrities. These celebrities online persona’s attract the attention of millions with Katy Perry being right up there at number one with 69,633,432 followers.

Hashtags have now become a very large and to be honest sometimes annoying trend in everyday life. For example the other day my friend brought back ‘#yolo’. She used it in a sentence while having an actual conversation with me…. I will admit hashtags are a great way for people to connect and it makes it easy to find information if its all categorised under the same hashtag.

Shoutout to Jimmy Fallon for his #hashtag segment that shows just how annoying the trend has become and that you shouldn’t say the word hashtag before words unless you want a punch in the face. ūüôā

Twitter is also an amazing way for Celebrities to connect with their millions of fans around the world and help create their online persona’s. Many celebrities use Twitter to promote products and share the goings on of their everyday lives.

Recently¬†a We the People petition asking President Obama to help return ‘Gossip Girl’ Actress Kelly Rutherford’s children to America passed 100,000 signatures, which means the Obama administration is required to at least address the matter in some way. The petition reached its signature goal because celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner and Ed Westwick all used their celebrity statuses and Twitter accounts to urge their followers to help by signing.

Unfortunately everything on Twitter is not as fantastic as this. Twitter is also now the number one way for people to write mean things about celebrities online and feel like there wont be consequences from behind their computer screens. Jimmy Kimmel’s segment ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’ is a great way to show everyone that celebrities do see the tweets and its not a great feeling for them.

To finish my post with a laugh here’s one of the ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’ videos.


Is Citizen Journalism a Threat?

If you don’t know what ‘citizen journalism’ is, pretty much it is anybody on the internet¬†reporting on ideas or events.

Professional journalists and Legacy Media all see citizen journalists as angry and inadequate. As seen in this video below “Tips for Citizen Journalists” ¬†the narrator clearly sees citizen journalists as the enemy. They¬†place heavy emphasis on ‚Äėreal‚Äô journalists being professional and not making the mistakes that citizen journalists make due to their training in proper journalistic practice.

One of the most popular places to see ‘citizen journalism’ is Tumblr. By now I imagine anyone reading this knows what Tumblr is and I’m sure your all aware just how unmediated it is in relation to other media platforms. That factor is the reason why it makes such a good ‘home base’ for many ‘citizen journalists’.

I personally use Tumblr and I have voiced my opinion on a number of occasions. I’ve also seen first hand the speed in which news travels around the site. From the coverage of controversial events such as the Boston Riots to celebrity news such as the day Zayn left 1D, you know about it within the hour sometimes within minutes once it occurs, its the people that break the story. Though occasionally information on the site is not 100% reliable which is a major concern for mainstream journalists.

In my opinion I think both types of journalism is needed. Citizen journalism gives a point of view that ‘real’ journalists may not be able to express without consequences and mainstream journalists have the credibility that their audience trust and rely.

So do you think citizen journalists are a threat to ‘real’ journalists?

The Great Debate

Our mobiles are becoming a bigger part of our lives everyday, there always with us, we panic if we can’t find them and having personally experienced this like everyone else, its not the best feeling in the world. It’s almost embarrassing for me to admit just how important my phone is to me. Put it this way if I was running for my life from a burning building, there’s a chance I might just stop and grab my phone beforehand… So when it comes to the great Apple or Android debate which is really better?

Some put forward the argument that Android is better than Apple because of the open and free platform it has. The user has full control of the content on their phone, you can modify your phone and Android offers an open garden of apps. Whereas Apple has a walled garden of apps that are reviewed and tested before they are released, the way you buy the phone it the way it stays, you have access to apps on the App Store but ultimately Apple has compete control over platform, content and user.

I may be biased because all my devices are products of Apple but I much prefer Apple’s iPhones over an android phone. I’ve experienced both and I prefer Apple mostly because of its simplicity, their just so easy to use and that’s what I like. Everyone is going to have a different opinion depending on the things they plan on doing with their phone, so it looks like this debate will never be settled.

I’m a Criminal…

Photo made by me on Imgur

Did you know that in Australia it is technically illegal to create and share memes?

In the latest information I could find from 2014, under Australia’s Copyright Act specifically section 132A part 2, it states “distributing an infringing article that prejudicially affects the copyright owner” is against the law and could land you in jail for up to 5 years or with a fine of $93,500 although both of these things are extremely unlikely (unless you are bad luck Brian)

Images posted on Reddit, sharing any videos on YouTube, pictures on Facebook and unfortunately memes are all subject to this law even though they don’t make any money or otherwise take profits away from the owner.

Although this law is rarely enforced, this means that I am a criminal and odds are you are too! The Australian Digital Alliance is fighting to get these outdated laws but so far they’ve had no luck.
This is my imgur meme post. 

 The Medium is The Message 

Marshall McLuhan defines ‘the medium is the message’ as a ‘message’ being a change of scale, pace or pattern that a new invention, innovation or idea introduces into human affairs and a ‘medium’ being any extension of ourselves, such as a wheel is an extension of our feet.¬†

This concept of ‘the medium is the message took me a ¬†few days to fully understand and because of this it took me almost an entire week to write this blog post. After doing some research and stressing that I would never understand, I came up with what I think ‘the medium is the message’ means: it isn’t the medium but the way we perceive the medium that provides us with the message.

According to my two younger brothers whom are part of the new generation of iPad playing, Blu-Ray watching children, who know nothing of what was before all these crazy new technologies, back in ‘the olden days’ (the 90’s) watching things on videos instead of DVDs or having to visit a video store instead of watching a movie online is an absurd thought.¬†

An example of this ‘the medium is the message’ concept would be the change in society moving from watching television/movies solely on their TV’s to their computers and other various devices. The medium of this would be the technology advances and then the message would become the effect the change of medium has on the society whom uses it. Personally I am a part of this change, all the television I watch is on my computer, I rarely use the television at all.¬†Nowadays you can jump onto iTunes download a movie and be watching it in 10 minutes or I can watch tv on a long train ride on my iPad, there’s no waiting around. ¬†

Although I do not fully understand this concept to an extent where I could write a book, I do think that these advances in ‘messages’ because of a changing ‘medium’ will continue to have a ripple effect and who knows where technology will be in 10 years!