Poverty Porn // Struggle Street

‘Poverty porn’ is defined as any type of media, be it written, photographed or filmed, which exploits the poor’s condition in order to generate the necessary sympathy for selling newspapers or increasing charitable donations or support for a given cause. It can also be a term used to explain when media is created to generate anger or outrage rather than sympathy


Filmed over 6 months, the SBS documentary ‘Struggle Street’ aired in 2015 as a three part documentary featuring the lives of 10 key people living in Mt Druitt, New South Wales. The three part series was taxpayer funded and said to be produced at $350,00 an episode which lead it to be called by many was “publicly funded poverty porn”. A second season is currently in the works to be filmed in Queensland and Victoria with a focus on Australians from a diverse mix of backgrounds battling against the odds.

The first season of the documentary caused widespread controversy and even resulted in a protest in Sydney but SBS Television representative Marshall Heald has said that “the second season is sought to continue the important national conversation started by series one and will seek to raise awareness and deepen our understanding of those of us in the community facing social and economic hardship and what its like to be doing it tough in Australia”. But rightly so SBS was slammed for their representation of Mt Druitt residents during the first series.

Peta Kennedy who was featured in the series with her husband and 10 children told The Daily Telegraph “When we signed up for it we thought it was supposed to be about people’s struggles and going through their problems and getting back on their feet, but this is awful. I don’t how I will manage when it goes to air” and this was only after seeing the promo. Not just Ms Kennedy but all the participants feel they were lied to about what the documentary was going to be about.

Often the media does objectify people for one reason or another to generate some kind of a profit or boost ratings. So was this objectification of Mt Druitt residents, portraying them in such a bad light and exploiting their misfortunes and suffering worth it? The first episode of the series attracted 985,000 viewers and was SBS’s best ratings of the year and the largest viewership since the World Cup the previous year.

Yes it is clear that poverty exists in this world, it is seen every day in many places. But I do not think that it needs to be shown and exploited turning it into poverty porn I believe that if told correctly the stories of the marginalised can bring awareness and contribute to the important national conversation started by series one of Struggle Street and deepen our understanding of those of us in the community facing social and economic hardship.


Craft Making and Digital Transformation

Meet Morph.

Morph is a claymation television show which started in the 1980’s and in 2014 a brand new series of the show began airing on a YouTube Channel.

During the creation of claymation each object or character is sculpted, usually around a wire skeleton called an armature, and then arranged on the set, where it is photographed once before being slightly moved by hand to prepare it for the next shot, and so on until the animator has achieved the desired amount of film.

This show is an excellent example of the effort and time that goes into making these kind of stop-motion videos and shows just how craft can transform into digital.

Transmedia Narratives

Marvel’s Captain America is a perfect example of a Transmedia Narrative.

Captain America started off as a comic book in the 1940’s, it was then adapted into a cartoon in the 1960’s. In the 1970’s two live-action television movies aired and Captain America made many appearances in other cartoons such as Spider-man and also appeared in a 1980 public service announcement on energy conservation, in which he battled the Thermal Thief, the Wattage Waster and the Cold Air Crook.

There has been many Captain America movies made in 1944, 1990 and then the movies we all know Captain America: The First Avenger(2011) and its sequel Captain America and The Winter Solider(2014). Captain America also appears in both the Avengers movies.

Captain America has also been adapted into many video games the first being in 1987 and the newest game was released last year.

In the Youtube video I made, I choose one specific character partly because there’s so many Marvel characters I didn’t want to make a 15 minute long video and also because I absolutely adore Chris Evans.


Everything is a Remix

Made a quick clip of two songs remixed to say “everything is a remix”

I used Tegan and Sara’s Everything is Awesome from the Lego Movie and The New Kids On The Block’s song Remix (I like the)

Apologies for the quality, I am no expert in remixing. I did try to remix two songs together to make another but had no luck to settled on this.

here’s the link ^^^


Just a little introductory post to tell everyone a little bit about myself! My name is Kaysha Larkin, I’m 18 years old, fresh out of high school and just starting my first year of university studying a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies.

After a four month break consisting of nothing but sleeping into 12pm, binge watching what I realise now was way to many television shows and spending all most of my savings you can imagine that getting back into the habit of early wake ups and study was not something I was appreciating at 7am on Monday morning. 

Although I was stressing for two days beforehand about being a proper out in the world adult, compared to a number of my friends being told about 2000 word essays and telling me on the first day they were already behind on homework(I’m thinking that was an exaggeration), my first week was like a walk in the park I found a carpark first go on Monday morning, I was told to start blogging and tweeting as part of my BCM course (cause somehow this counts as homework), surprisingly I managed to only get lost once and of course as promised by the LHA staff the week before it was in building 19 and I managed to get a three day week meaning I get a four day weekend to top it all off!